Caring for those we care so much about...

Life Transition and Communication Coaching 2021:

I can't thank you enough for your help. You literally saved my marriage! Your coaching and guidance in understanding my wife's anxiety attacks completely transformed my life....and family. Every day I remind myself of the "triggering mechanisms" that almost ended our marriage of only four years. I'm doing a lot of additional research to help me better understand the cycle of anxiety you shared. I've recommended you to many of my friends and co-workers/

Jamie, Colonial Heights, VA

At 68, I never realized the trauma and anxiety associated with change. Moving from home of so many years to a small condo haunted me, and I reached out to see if you could help. Your life transition coaching was a God-send, and I am forever thankful. 

Jackie L., New Kent, VA


My husband and I have only been married for five years. Our finances changed when he lost his job, and we found ourselves arguing about everything. Your "Safe Space Communication" coaching was amazing and helped us have a better understanding of how we weren't communicating. It's a new start, and we look forward to working with you more as we look forward and not backward. P.S...working with us at our home was a wonderful bonus!

- Tina and John W., Midlothian, VA


"Life in A Binder" coaching has worked phenomenally well for me. After my separation and deciding on a new career at 55,

your techniques have helped me prioritize my plan and design a path to get there. You've got my vote!

- Barbara W., Williamsburg, VA


Midway through college, I felt stuck.  I found myself going back an forth like juggling balls in the air. My Mom suggested I give you a call. After a few sessions, I felt ten times better and a clear vision of my career path and goals. Thanks so much!

- Jason T., Richmond, VA 

Cancer Coaching Reviews:


I have known Steve for more than 10 years. His personal and professional journey has been a blessing to me and those who cross his path. I would highly recommend his coaching expertise.

- Nancy Lewis, Victorious Images Mastectomy Boutique, Williamsburg, VA

Steve's support for me and my family was invaluable. His knowledge, empathy, and compassion helped all of us through difficult times before, during and after my treatment.

- S. Lanier, Richmond, VA 

Thank you so much, Steve, for your phone coaching with me after my breast cancer diagnosis. Your personal journey inspired and supported me through the times I felt afraid and confused.

- Maria L., Chester, VA 

I had no idea cancer coaching was available, After meeting you I had a much better understanding of what to expect in my treatment... and beyond. Thanks for being a compassionate and supportive partner.

- Sharon P., Mechanicsville, VA 

Hypnotherapy Reviews:

I had very little experience in outside sales, and frankly, I was terrified of working with new clients. Your integrative hypnosis/coaching sessions gave me the courage and the insight as to where the fear was coming from. I'm going to recommend you to my colleagues. Who knows, maybe my company will be interested in working with you too!

- Kathy J., Richmond, VA

I want to thank you for taking the time to educate me on how self-hypnosis might help. Because of my ADHD, I found it nearly impossible to concentrate. You streamlined the process for me with your expertise and the help of video and audio tutorials. I look forward to our next session and would highly recommend your services.


- James R., Ashland, VA 

Reiki (Energy work) and Meditation:

I studied up on Reiki and was fascinated with the reviews. I found your Facebook page and thought I would have a few sessions. What an amazing, yet subtle experience! I look forward to our next session and a couple of sessions with my dog (Josie). Thank you, Steve

- Jeanine S., Richmond, VA