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Steven Wentworth, CHT, MCC

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There is no beginning, no end...

only Becoming.

As a young child in the 1960s, my grandparents would travel from Vermont to Virginia. I remember spending time with my grandmother while other family members enjoyed visiting the sights and sounds of Virginia Beach. She was a dedicated Christian woman and would share stories of her mother and grandmothers' "intuitive gifts". Grandmother would hold my hands, stare upward, then peer into my eyes, saying "you have the gift too.  


It wasn't until age 33 that I realized how sensitive I was to others on an intuitive level. Those feelings and images in my mind led me to understand I too was empathic. For years I worked with others in a quiet, discreet way until 2017 when I began intuitive coaching sessions with clients.


I now include "all" of the following with each session:

  • Basic astrological review

  • Numerology

  • Angel cards

  • Empathic insights

  • Life and spiritual coaching and guidance


Each 75-minute session is only $55

Add $10 for Tarot

Phone and In-Person Appointments, Call 804-944-5921